Oh I say – Its Barry !!! Hi De Hi



It’s less that a week until Hi De Hi at the Rhodes Arts Complex and we caught up with our very own Granville Rush who is taking on the onerous task of being Barry Stuart- Hargreaves ( aka Bert Pratt) in our production

We asked him why he wanted the part so much –

‘ Well Barry appeals to me – he’s incredibly camp, stubborn, acerbic and determined to cause trouble – its refreshing to have a role that requires me to do no acting at all…’

And then he pushed us aside and said he had better things to do – charming !

If you can bear to come and see the lovely Barry and everyone else get your tickets here


Hi de Hi – its only Uncle Willie and Fred the Jockey

IMG_0115We caught up with Fred & Mr Partridge ( known to the kids as Uncle Willie) and discovered that respectively Richard Pink isn’t as short as he should be and Les Sullivan isn’t anywhere near as miserable !

They told is why they are looking forward to Water Lane’s production of Hi de Hi

Les ( Uncle Willie) – ‘The role attracted me because it is a tricky one to pull off convincingly. Being on stage with few lines to say is never easy as you have to keep in character all the time. Keeping a straight face whilst being totally unaware of a very funny scene taking place in the next room will be a challenge. I then have to convince the audience that I am being sacked and bring the whole mood down whilst having funny lines to say at the same time. It will be a real test  for me.’

We know he’s going to be hilarious !

Richard ( Fred) – ‘I never ridden a horse in my life, well maybe a donkey by the seaside occasionally. I have lost a few quid backing some very dodgy nags however. However, despite being about a foot too tall to have ever been a jockey I do like the outfit, and I’ve become very attached to my imaginary  horses who don’t get much out of life but are always happy when they get their oats – well aren’t we all….’

Errrr thanks Richard

You can come and see these two likely lads and everyone else in Hi De Hi at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19-21 April

Tickets Here !



Hi de hi – its Fleur’s first time out!



Our intrepid reporter caught up with one of our newest members this week – the lovely Fleur Louise Oliver who is not only donning the Yellow Coat for the first time – but is also it’s her first time on stage too – we think she’s a natural ….

We asked her some searching questions  ….

So Fleur, Why did you decide to take to the stage ?

‘Well, it was always an ambition of mine, after experiencing some tough times I’ve realised how precious life is and how important it is to follow our dreams and do what makes us happy 😄

Wise words – And what was the trigger than prompted you ?

‘The trigger that pushed me was my desire to be on stage, gain experience and meet new like minded folk’

Why did you pick WLTC?

‘I googled local theatre groups .. a few came up .. also a friend had heard good things about water lane and its brilliant production’

Well you wont find us disagreeing with your well informed friend…What was your first impression ?

‘Everyone was so friendly and welcoming 😄 Everyone could probably tell how nervous I was but each and every member of the water lane theatre company went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and put me at ease.. ❤️

Fab – we love new members! What are you enjoying most ?

‘The best thing about joining water lane has been meeting such an awesome bunch of talented actors who teach me something new at every rehearsal, hi de hi is a hilarious brilliantly written play that never ceases to make me laugh’

Gosh – you’re going to get on fine! Are there any challenges ?

‘Only stage confidence which is growing with each rehearsal’

You’ll be great – Does it make you want to do more ?

‘Most definitely want to do more and follow my dream to work in the entertainment industry!! 😄

Well that’s excellent – and when you’re famous we can say we helped out !!

You can see Fleur in Hi De Hi at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19-21 April

Tickets here !! Hi De Hi tickets !

Yvonne’s as snooty as ever !!

We caught up with the lovely Lynda Shelverton on her first outing with our group and her thoughts at playing the snooty Yvonne Stuart- Hargreaves in our production of Hi De Hi ( played by Diane Holland in the original series) – luckily she’s not as snooty as Yvonne

I have only recently becoming a member of Water Lane Theatre Group, so am thrilled and excited to have been cast to play the wonderful snooty character of Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves in the classic play Hi-De-Hi. What fun we shall have in bringing this light hearted and popular production to the audiences at the Rhodes Theatre Bishops Stortford.

Tickets here  https://rhodesartscomplex.ticketsolve.com/shows/873584028

Hi-de-Hi on TV

Our Jeffrey (Kevin) has just pointed out to the cast that starting today (Tuesday) on the Drama channel they will be showing the very first Pilot episode of Hi-de-Hi!

Also available on Freeview they will be showing one episode each day at 1:40 pm and check as it may be repeated at 6 pm.