Auditions !!!! And Then There Were None

ATTWN poster 3caAuditions for Then There Were None will take place 7.45pm Tues 19th and Thurs 21st Nov at Windhill Churches Centre, Old Monastery Gardens, Windhill, Bishop’s Stortford, and here’s a word from the man in charge – our very own Will Jamieson – 

With 1 act 1 night in full swing, planning attention turns to our next full-length show Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. One of her most famous stories, I have been thrilled by it since I first read it on holiday in Corfe. A sleepy Dorset village with a ruined castle on the hill above and steam engines traveling through the valley below, where better to read a1930s mystery.  
The play, set on an island just off the Devon coast, follows 10 strangers as they arrive for a house party whose host hasn’t arrived. Trapped by the weather they soon find out their invites are not what they seem as a guest dies suddenly. How do a poem, a gramophone and a solider figure come into the story? Come along to auditions to find out.

Ooooooh ! We cant wait !!!

Love, sex , violence – amateur theatre at its best !

Ooh look – our lovely member Lisa Turptu as absconded over to be with our pals at Much Hadham for their latest production

What’s it all about Lisa ?

‘ “Things We Do For Love” by Alan Ayckbourn is a dark comedy which explores the changing relationships between the four characters, Barbara, Gilbert, Nikki and Hamish. Despite an early mutual loathing, Barbara begins a passionate affair with her best friend Nikki’s fiancé, Hamish, only for this new relationship to swiftly descend into violence’

Sounds like a proper giggle!!

Check it out all !

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Pastures Green ….

It’s ok – she not going permanently but only 5 days after performing in our One Act One Night, Water Lane’s very own Amanda Green will be heading South, all the way to Old Harlow, where she will be taking part in Goodnight Mister Tom at the Victoria Hall Theatre alongside the magnificent dog Sammy 13th-16th November.

She would love to see some familiar faces, but tickets are selling really fast, so please reserve yours’ in good time at

Watch out – its the watch !

She’s new in town and she watches everyone ………..

watch 1


Name ?Debbie Le Gallienne.. new to Water Lane.. working through my bucket list!

Character ? Watchman 1 … means well but a bit simple  !

Favourite line in the play ? ‘And in her bosom I’ll unclasp my heart’ …   I like the idea of someone unclasping their heart and bravely revealing love and vulnerability ( Ed ahhhhh)

Fave Western?  Blazing Saddles .. Pure silliness and really funny spoof western

Come and watch our watch watch you ( enough with the watch jokes- ed)

Tickets here 

He mad, he’s bad , he’s …well he’s just bad really …

Here’s the villain of the piece , that low down, dirty son of a gun – Don John

Don John

Your name, you nasty piece of work?  Paul Winspear

Your character? Don Johnson ( noooo that’s Miami Vice – you mean Don John – ed)
Best line? “If I had my mouth I would bite, if I had my liberty I would do my liking; in the meantime, let me be that I am and seek not to alter me” (ed – you really are horrible arn’t you)

Favourite Western ? Paint Your Wagon

Why’s that ?

Lee Marvin off his trolley, Clint Eastwood talks to trees, Jean Seberg is somehow confused about choosing between Clint and Lee, brilliant soundtrack by Lerner & Loewe plus Andre Previn

He really is a man of few words – come and hear him say a few more at Much Ado 18-20 th July – Monastery Gardens – tickets here

Its Ant but no sign of Dec ….

He might be getting on but dont get him started – or he’ll have ya



Who are you ?
I am playing Antonio, brother to Leonato, Governor of Messina
What’s your favourite Western and why? 
Am I allowed to say Poldark? Well, it is the Wild West of our green and pleasant land. Or perhaps the version of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral I saw every day when I used to walk my dog. Whenever another dog was encountered coming towards him, both would freeze waiting for the other to be the first to “draw their weapon”. I could hear the wonderful music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly playing in the background!!!
Who is your character and what are they like ?
Yet again I have been cast as a man. When I ask the powers that be at Water Lane if this is a direct reflection on my femininity, the only answer I get is that it shows my versatility as an actor. Fair enough, I love a challenge. “So what is he like” I ask. He’s  an old man. “So should I play him old? What sort of physicality should I adopt during the dance scene?” The answer comes back that I should play him at my own level, in other words I am to play myself. Oh well, at least I qualify as one of the lads. Yeeeeehah!!!
What’s your favourite line in the play ( yours or anyone else’s) 
My favourite line in my scenes is when Ursula says to me during our masked dance, “I know you by the waggling of your head”. Is that a great chat-up line or what? I apologise to my scene partner if she thinks I am flirting with her, but I do believe in a bit of method acting to get into character.
Come and see Toni and a collection of cowboys at Much Ado 18-20 July – tickets here