He’s big and he’s bad – no hang on – he’s good – or is he ?

It’s our tall blonde and swarthy Claudio – hold on to your hats ladies…..



Who are you? 
Jack Stevens
What’s your favourite Western and Why? 
Django Unchained. Quentin Tarantino’s uncompromising take on the Western genre, complete with his trademark cutting and humorous dialogue, heavily stylized approach and bloody violence, topped with excellent performances from Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson, and especially Leonardo DiCaprio as a psychopathic slave-owner, the film is absolutely one to watch, albeit not for the faint-hearted.
Who is your Character and what are they like?
Count Claudio, young and talented, yet also a naive and hot-blooded. Very passionate, he falls for Hero very quickly, yet that same passion makes him an easy target for the Machiavellian machinations of Don John. This makes him not the most sympathetic character, so it’s been fun balancing the character to make him appear a little more sympathetic in the eyes of the audience.
Favourite Line
“I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.” – encapsulates the play in general quite nicely.
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Yeee- ha ! Here’s a feisty lady – reckon she’s bad’n

Don’t let that flirtatuous smile fool you – she’s out to get ya ! Its Conrad – or in our version Connie the gunslinger !
Who are you ?
Corrina Graham-Hodson
What’s your part ? 
Playing Miss Connie, a Cowgirl & part of a notorious & villainous Love triangle. She loves her brother Borachio & is IN love with her boss Don John & she will do anything & I mean ANYTHING for Love…..! ( who do you think you are ? Meatloaf ? Ed.)
What’s you favourite Line?
My favourite line is “Away! you are an ass, you are an ass”.
What’s your favourite western ? 
My favourite Western is “Young Guns” – why ? Mmm let me think, Emilio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen…  a girl loves a young gun, need I say more !!
Oooh you tease !
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Hold on to your hats partners – here comes Beatrice !!!

Here she is – the most feared woman in town – its the ever feisty firecracker Beatrice – come and see her sort the men from the boys at  Much Ado on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford


– Who are you ?

Nancy Jones – back on stage for the first time in two years

– What’s your favourite Western and why? 

Django Unchained – Tarantino baby!  Oh and Leo and Jamie Foxxx!  With an absolute screen stealing, stand out performance from Christoph Waltz.  I think he won every award going that year!    The screenplay from Tarantino is perfection

– Who is your character and what are they like ?

Where do you start with one of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters!?  When Andy cast me he told me he wanted her to be a little Firecracker and that is exactly what she is!  Funny, bright, feisty but underneath it all a little vulnerable.  What I like about her the most, and this often goes unsaid, is her loyalty to her family.  The way she defends Hero goes to the very essence of what she is and what she stands for.  blimey, I hope I can pull it off!  No pressure at all!

– What’s your favourite line in the play ( yours or anyone else’s) 

It’s actually not a quote spoken, it’s when Balthasar sings:

Sign no more ladies, sigh no more;

Men were deceivers ever

One foot in sea and one on shore

To one thing constant never

Then sigh not so, but let them go

And be you blithe and bonny

Converting all your sounds of woe

Into, Hey nonny, nonny

I have known this by heart since the very first time I read this play in the sixth form – quite a few years ago!!!!  It’s also how long I have waited to play Beatrice!

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She don’t say much partner – don’t mean she aint thinkin’

Another of our curious characters from our wild west adaptation of Much Ado  on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford –


Who’s your character ?

I’m playing Innogoen,  mother of Hero and ineffective wife of Leonato only to appear in the first two acts of MAAN because she is the representation of lost innocence in the face of mistrust even when all is  forgiven in the happy ending she can never be redeemed. She is the ghost mother, wife and auntie in the play and you might be surprised to see her resurrected as the long suffering mother just as her daughter  you never know!

Oooo errr and we thought it was all about a shoot out ….what’s your favourite western then?

High Noon – I love the tension !

Us too – who are you then ? 

I’m Jacqui Kinnison playing this cameo part of a ‘quiet wife’ and ‘long suffering’ mother.  Does she keep quiet throughout the play  – watch and see – is she dead or alive

Profound !!

Come and find out at the Monastery Gardens !

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Pass the bottle – it’s the town drunk….

Another of our curious characters from our wild west adaptation of Much Ado  on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford – this time here’s a man who already looks like he’s had a few – Borachio – the man who keeps the saloon in business single handed



Who are you ?
Adam Andrews
– What’s your favourite Western and why?
My favourite western is easily True Grit a great story, amazing cast and a proper western. ( we agree! – Ed.)
– Who is your character and what are they like ?
My character is Borachio. Who is allegiance to Don John with his sister miss Connie. He is as cunning as Fox and very partial to a drop of whisky. Where he is loyal and doesn’t want to dissapoint his lordship Don John he works very hard to deliver potential opportunities of mischief to his master
– What’s your favourite in the play.
Proof enough to misuse the Prince to vex claudio undo hero and kill leonato. Look you for any other issue?
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It’s the musical maestro – Balthazar!

Another of our curious characters from our wild west adaptation of Much Ado  on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford  – this time – the saloon pianist – Balthazar


Who are you?

I’m Greg (aka handyman Derek, officer Dull, crazy beadseller)

What’s your favourite Western ?
My favourite western is the hateful 8 because I like the whodunit vibe about half way through about who is going to die next.
What’s your character ? 
My character is Balthazar, he is a modest man who accompanies don Pedro’s posse and also somewhat of a singer.
What’s your favourite line ?
Connie: away! you are an ass, you are an ass.
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Uh-oh – its Ursula

Howdy Partners – another of the super characters from our Wild West take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado –

Today its the lovely Ursula



Who are you ?
Charlotte Pritchard
What’s your favourite Western – Blazing Saddles – I’m not a big fan of Westerns in general but this film is genius.  I particularly like the amazing performance of ‘I’m so tired’ by Madeline Kahn as Lili von Stupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow”.  I want to do it as a cabaret piece one day!
Who is your character?
I play Ursula – handmaid to Hero – she is quite sensible and mature, and looks after Hero,  as well as being her confidante and partner in crime for winding up Beatrice.  Ursula is pretty observant – she can tell who is who even when they are wearing masks, because she observes people’ characteristics quite closely. She loves a bit of fun and really enjoys the trick played on Beatrice.
What’s your favourite line ?
My favourite line is “Men from children nothing differ.”   – need I say more ha ha (I’ll probably get into trouble for that)
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