Its Ant but no sign of Dec ….

He might be getting on but dont get him started – or he’ll have ya



Who are you ?
I am playing Antonio, brother to Leonato, Governor of Messina
What’s your favourite Western and why? 
Am I allowed to say Poldark? Well, it is the Wild West of our green and pleasant land. Or perhaps the version of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral I saw every day when I used to walk my dog. Whenever another dog was encountered coming towards him, both would freeze waiting for the other to be the first to “draw their weapon”. I could hear the wonderful music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly playing in the background!!!
Who is your character and what are they like ?
Yet again I have been cast as a man. When I ask the powers that be at Water Lane if this is a direct reflection on my femininity, the only answer I get is that it shows my versatility as an actor. Fair enough, I love a challenge. “So what is he like” I ask. He’s  an old man. “So should I play him old? What sort of physicality should I adopt during the dance scene?” The answer comes back that I should play him at my own level, in other words I am to play myself. Oh well, at least I qualify as one of the lads. Yeeeeehah!!!
What’s your favourite line in the play ( yours or anyone else’s) 
My favourite line in my scenes is when Ursula says to me during our masked dance, “I know you by the waggling of your head”. Is that a great chat-up line or what? I apologise to my scene partner if she thinks I am flirting with her, but I do believe in a bit of method acting to get into character.
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Evening ‘all – its the rozzers

Our resident police force is on the case at our Wild West version of Much Ado ….


Name: Juliet Richards aka mummy aka Miss Richards. Naturally the best way to regain a sense of identity is to pretend to be someone else.
Character: Sheriff Dogberry. He runs the city watch and thinks he’s the most important person in town. Dogberry means well but his contradictory orders are somewhat confusing for all concerned.
Favourite Line: It’s not mine but my favourite has to be “Kill Claudio”.
Favourite Western: It’s a tad tenuous but Joss Whedon categorised his show Firefly and it’s subsequent movie spin off Serenity as Sci-Fi Western, so I’m going with those. Interestingly (if you find these things interesting) one of it’s lead actors played Dogberry in Whedon’s film version of MAAN.
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His name’s Leo and he’s a pussy cat – but don’t make him angry

The white bearded fellow speaketh  – show some respect leo

Your name : Doug Sheppard
Your part : Leonato-The governor of the inn and high in the towns gentry level, also an old person portrayed in the play. I’m daddy to Hero and and uncle to Beatrice.
Your favourite line- ‘But mine, and mine I loved, and mine I praised, and mine I was proud on, mine so much that I myself was to myself not mine valuing her’
Favourite film : The Unforgiven
(Ed –  good choice – notable for exchange
‘You shot an unarmed man’
‘Well he should have armed himself’
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Dearly beloved ……its our resident and reverend reverend

She’s the Friar in any other version of Much Ado – in ours its fastest vicar in the West


Your Name : Sally Fenton
Your Character: Reverend Francis
Your Favourite Line: ‘Patience and endure….’ – a line I shall be using at home if anyone complains about my cooking!
What’s your Favourite Western: Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Western all the way through! Does Thelma & Louise count…..? (Ed. no it really doesn’t except for Brad Pitt’s Stetson !)

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Heeeeeerrrrrreee’s Benny !

It’s Benedick himself – ‘he’s not in love …so dont forget it ‘ yeah right !

The man from Much Ado speaketh


What’s your name ?

Richard Pink

Who are you playing ?

Benedick – generally he’s a bit of a prat but his heart’s in the right place ( typecasting again ! Ed .) He’s in denial about being in love with Beatrice (strangely last part I played I was literally in De Nile) he rails against love and marriage but eventually can’t resist her charms – all that via a complete set up by his so called mates !

Favourite Line ?

‘ If her breath were as bad as her terminations, there would be no living near her; she’d infect to the North Star’

Favourite Western?

Other than the mighty Blazing Saddles – it has to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – the ultimate buddy movie – so quotable and the main men are brilliant from start to bloody finish ‘who are those guys ?’

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He’s big and he’s bad – no hang on – he’s good – or is he ?

It’s our tall blonde and swarthy Claudio – hold on to your hats ladies…..



Who are you? 
Jack Stevens
What’s your favourite Western and Why? 
Django Unchained. Quentin Tarantino’s uncompromising take on the Western genre, complete with his trademark cutting and humorous dialogue, heavily stylized approach and bloody violence, topped with excellent performances from Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson, and especially Leonardo DiCaprio as a psychopathic slave-owner, the film is absolutely one to watch, albeit not for the faint-hearted.
Who is your Character and what are they like?
Count Claudio, young and talented, yet also a naive and hot-blooded. Very passionate, he falls for Hero very quickly, yet that same passion makes him an easy target for the Machiavellian machinations of Don John. This makes him not the most sympathetic character, so it’s been fun balancing the character to make him appear a little more sympathetic in the eyes of the audience.
Favourite Line
“I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.” – encapsulates the play in general quite nicely.
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Yeee- ha ! Here’s a feisty lady – reckon she’s bad’n

Don’t let that flirtatuous smile fool you – she’s out to get ya ! Its Conrad – or in our version Connie the gunslinger !
Who are you ?
Corrina Graham-Hodson
What’s your part ? 
Playing Miss Connie, a Cowgirl & part of a notorious & villainous Love triangle. She loves her brother Borachio & is IN love with her boss Don John & she will do anything & I mean ANYTHING for Love…..! ( who do you think you are ? Meatloaf ? Ed.)
What’s you favourite Line?
My favourite line is “Away! you are an ass, you are an ass”.
What’s your favourite western ? 
My favourite Western is “Young Guns” – why ? Mmm let me think, Emilio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen…  a girl loves a young gun, need I say more !!
Oooh you tease !
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