General mayhem !!!!

Here’s yet another suspect appearing in our next production at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19th – 21st March – And then There Were None by Agatha Christie

You can get tickets here

But in the meantime here is the very military and upright General Mackenzie – it seems he has a lot to say for himself !

Cluedo Mackenzie - Michael B

Who are you?

Michael ‘Lord’ Beavan

Who is your character?

General Mackenzie is a retired Army Officer and a widower.   Heavily decorated for his loyal service to King and Country and widely respected by those that he had spent his long career leading, John Mackenzie now finds himself at a loss with what to do in retirement.

What are they like?

The General is a likable fellow, always popular around his club, The Benton, where he moved ten years ago after his wife Lesley died.   ‘Living in the old place just wasn’t what it used to be, once she’d gone’ he can regularly be heard to mutter from his favourite winged back armchair next to the club library fireplace.

Having been used to being treated with the utmost respect and loyalty over his exemplary career, with retirement has come both loneliness and loss, not just from his beloved wife but also from those who would listen to him and ask for his wise leadership.    Now he wonders if he is starting to forget much of what he fought for and if anyone really cares what he has to say anyway?

Determined not to become maudlin, he decides, on a whim, to accept an invitation from some fellow he’s sure he met at the Club.    Whilst out of practice with social engagements; ‘Lesley always knew what to say and when to say it’ he chuckles to nobody in particular, he thinks a weekend on Soldier Island in Devon is just what he needs.  ‘Gives me a chance to tell some of my best battle stories to an unsuspecting audience’… and with that, he feels some of that old excitement returning to his veins…. ‘there’s life in the old dog yet’ ……… or is there?

What is the greatest mystery you knew?

I find a great many things in life a mystery – from making my monthly bank statements balance with my relocation of what I’d done over the same time period (strangely the bank always says I’ve spent more than I ever recollect I have)  to how you can put pairs of socks into a washing machine yet only get odd ones back by the time they return from the tumble dryer?!

In my younger days, the greatest mystery to me would be what had happened between that last ‘one for the road’ and waking up in a strange house/ garden/ location of indeterminate description many hours later!    Nowadays it’s more of a mystery to me when I walk from one room to another and then can’t quite remember what the purpose of the journey was for!

I do like the General – he likes order and detail just like me, not to mention a good tailor and well upholstered armchair, and whilst slightly confused at times (again like myself), is a likable fellow.   So for this play, it is a mystery to my why anybody at all would want to do him harm?!

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