No relation to Louis …..

Here’s the next of our introductions to the dodgy lot appearing in our next production at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19th – 21st March – And then There Were None by Agatha Christie

You can get tickets here

But in the meantime – meet Dr Armstrong

Cluedo Armstrong - Amanda

Who are you ?
I am Amanda Green
What’s you character ?
My Character is Dr Armstrong
What’s she like ?
You ask me what my character is like. Well, Dr Armstrong is an eminent nerve specialist, and it makes her very nervous indeed to be asked to reveal such personal information. It goes against the Hippocratic Oath, and of course GDPR, to publicise such details. If you are interested in getting to know her a bit more intimately, you had better get a ticket to the production before they sell out.
What’s the greatest mystery you know ?
I still wonder to this day if Bill Stickers was really innocent, and if he was ever actually prosecuted?
I’ve always wondered that !- Ed


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