Going Postal – A Directorial Debut

So why Going Postal? Having a Pratchett fan in the family meant growing up with Discworld all around. We had the audiobooks playing in the car, watched the films till we could quote them by heart, and even dressed up for the conventions. In 2017, when Water Lane decided to do Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters, I took to the stage for the first time in over a decade as the villainous battle-axe, Lady Felmet!

Little did I know then that one day we’d be putting on another Pratchett…and that this time I’d be the one in the driving seat!

Having previously said I’d try anything once, I decided to give directing a go for A One Act One Night, choosing a sketch from “Duets” involving two actors, a fridge and an enormous wheel of cheese. The show ended up being a great deal of fun to stage, and it got plenty of laughs from the audience on the night.

Water Lane soon asked for members to start putting possibilities forward for their next November play. I had several very different ideas but, in the end, I knew it had to be a Pratchett and suggested Going Postal. The script has some truly intriguing characters (and a powerhouse heroine!), a great storyline and some exciting possibilities for our tech team to get creative…

Building on the success of Wyrd Sisters which was performed at the same venue, Going Postal will use similar techniques for setting the scene while adding a few new surprises along the way.

We will be arriving in Ankh Morpork (also known as the Charis Centre in Bishop’s Stortford) from Thursday 18th November until Saturday 20th November. I hope people enjoy watching the show as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to life!

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