She don’t say much partner – don’t mean she aint thinkin’

Another of our curious characters from our wild west adaptation of Much Ado  on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford –


Who’s your character ?

I’m playing Innogoen,  mother of Hero and ineffective wife of Leonato only to appear in the first two acts of MAAN because she is the representation of lost innocence in the face of mistrust even when all is  forgiven in the happy ending she can never be redeemed. She is the ghost mother, wife and auntie in the play and you might be surprised to see her resurrected as the long suffering mother just as her daughter  you never know!

Oooo errr and we thought it was all about a shoot out ….what’s your favourite western then?

High Noon – I love the tension !

Us too – who are you then ? 

I’m Jacqui Kinnison playing this cameo part of a ‘quiet wife’ and ‘long suffering’ mother.  Does she keep quiet throughout the play  – watch and see – is she dead or alive

Profound !!

Come and find out at the Monastery Gardens !

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Pass the bottle – it’s the town drunk….

Another of our curious characters from our wild west adaptation of Much Ado  on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford – this time here’s a man who already looks like he’s had a few – Borachio – the man who keeps the saloon in business single handed



Who are you ?
Adam Andrews
– What’s your favourite Western and why?
My favourite western is easily True Grit a great story, amazing cast and a proper western. ( we agree! – Ed.)
– Who is your character and what are they like ?
My character is Borachio. Who is allegiance to Don John with his sister miss Connie. He is as cunning as Fox and very partial to a drop of whisky. Where he is loyal and doesn’t want to dissapoint his lordship Don John he works very hard to deliver potential opportunities of mischief to his master
– What’s your favourite in the play.
Proof enough to misuse the Prince to vex claudio undo hero and kill leonato. Look you for any other issue?
Ooh he’s wicked – to see how wicked come along and see – tickets here 

It’s the musical maestro – Balthazar!

Another of our curious characters from our wild west adaptation of Much Ado  on 18-20 July at the Monastery Gardens, Bishop’s Stortford  – this time – the saloon pianist – Balthazar


Who are you?

I’m Greg (aka handyman Derek, officer Dull, crazy beadseller)

What’s your favourite Western ?
My favourite western is the hateful 8 because I like the whodunit vibe about half way through about who is going to die next.
What’s your character ? 
My character is Balthazar, he is a modest man who accompanies don Pedro’s posse and also somewhat of a singer.
What’s your favourite line ?
Connie: away! you are an ass, you are an ass.
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Uh-oh – its Ursula

Howdy Partners – another of the super characters from our Wild West take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado –

Today its the lovely Ursula



Who are you ?
Charlotte Pritchard
What’s your favourite Western – Blazing Saddles – I’m not a big fan of Westerns in general but this film is genius.  I particularly like the amazing performance of ‘I’m so tired’ by Madeline Kahn as Lili von Stupp, the “Teutonic Titwillow”.  I want to do it as a cabaret piece one day!
Who is your character?
I play Ursula – handmaid to Hero – she is quite sensible and mature, and looks after Hero,  as well as being her confidante and partner in crime for winding up Beatrice.  Ursula is pretty observant – she can tell who is who even when they are wearing masks, because she observes people’ characteristics quite closely. She loves a bit of fun and really enjoys the trick played on Beatrice.
What’s your favourite line ?
My favourite line is “Men from children nothing differ.”   – need I say more ha ha (I’ll probably get into trouble for that)
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Maggie May – and probably will on request ….

Howdy folks – another foray into the characters from our Wild West take on Shakesperare’s Much Ado – today we are talking to the very naughty Margaret ….


– Who are you ?

Cat Quigley. I am really excited to be back with Water Lane after performing with them in Acorn Antiques last year.

– What’s your favourite Western and why? 

I love the modern remake of Westworld based on the 1973 film. The storyline is a picture of our future technology where an adult human adventure park called Westworld is made with androids where paying guests can indulge their wildest fantasies in the park without fear of being harmed. The visuals are outstanding, the robots of course have underlying plots and the music has a wonderful twist of postmodernism as songs like Radiohead’s No Surprises and Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun are played in the saloon on the piano in old music hall style. I loved the main character Thandie Newton who played the fierce saloon showgirl Maeve Millay, so I was delighted when Andy Roberts the director, announced that Much Ado About Nothing would be set in the Wild Wild West and the females would be showgirls.

– Who is your character and what are they like ?

Margaret who is Hero’s lady in waiting. She is very flirtatious and game for fun, often being highly inappropriate. It will be a stretch to play her ; ) #typecast

– What’s your favourite quote in the play ( yours or anyone else’s)

I love it when Beatrice has a hangover and Margaret says to her; ‘Clap’s into ‘Light o’ Love; that goes without a burden: do you sing it and I’ll dance it.’ Because it shows how fun and silly Margaret is and that she has a great energy about her. She is also not scared to say what she thinks or do as she pleases by poking fun at other characters.

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It’s Don Pedro – show some respect ….

The second of our delves into the may and varied characters from our Wild West take on Shakeperare’s Much Ado !!!

This time it’s the Don himself ….



Who are you ?
Seán Burke
What’s your favourite Western and why?
Little Big Man: Funny, moving, satirical and Dustin Hoffman at his most entertaining. 
Who is your character and what are they like ? 
Don Pedro (Prince of Aragon): Charismatic, charming, mischievous and sexy, yet fallible. Basically everything I am not (apart from fallible).
What’s your favourite in the play ( yours or anyone else’s)
Speak low if you speak love” (2,1) sounds like it was taken from the spoken intro of a Barry White classic. Also Benedick’s “…sigh away Sundays…” which sounds like the name of a late-80s indie band.
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Our Hero !!!!!

Howdy ! It’s the first of our blogs for Much Ado folk. First up we are talking to ‘Leonato’s short daughter Hero – you might see a theme emerging …..


Wanted 3E

Who are you ?
Kerry Wheeler
What’s your favourite Western and why? 
My favourite Western would have to be Calamity Jane  because she was a real childhood hero of mine. I saw it on stage as a kid and fell in love with the story, the characters, the songs, everything! An accident prone, tomboy heroine. Fearless and tough, she can hold her own among the men and yet still acts like young girl in love.
Who is your character and what are they like ?
I play Hero, Leonato’s short daughter! She’s a quiet, modest girl who’s a bit wet behind the ears. Dull as a brick quite frankly (not true! Ed) God knows what Claudio sees in her. A couple of months with me though and this obedient little maiden will hopefully have a backbone.
What’s your favourite line in the play ( yours or anyone else’s) 
My favourite line is, ‘some cupid kills with arrows, some with traps’