Allo Vera ……

Another dodgy subject appearing in our next production at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19th – 21st March – And then There Were None by Agatha Christie

You can get tickets here

But in the meantime – meet Vera Claythorne  !

Cluedo VERA - Hanna


Who are you?

Hannah Juggins
Who is your character?
Vera Claythorne
What are they like?
Practical, careful, intelligent and fiercely independent, Vera does not suffer fools lightly.  Deep down she is a romantic but she has become disillusioned by love and does not trust easily.  As such she keeps her true feelings close to her chest and does her utmost to maintain her composure at all times.  There is no doubt that she is an extremely capable individual whose determination and grit give her the ability to succeed at whatever she puts her mind to.  The question is does that extend to murder…?
What’s the greatest mystery you know?
Why can you only find things when you aren’t looking for them?  Then when you actually need the thing that you found when you weren’t looking for it, you can’t remember where you last saw it?


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