He’s a bit of a Blore …..

Here’s another of our suspicious looking characters appearing in our next production at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19th – 21st March – And then There Were None by Agatha Christie

You can get tickets here

But in the meantime – meet William Blore our version of Columbo !

Cluedo BLORE - Andy


Who are you ?
Andy Roberts

Who is your character?
William Blore

What are they like ?
I play an ex cop, who is now a private investigator. He is a suspicious fellow, with a love of asking questions and food…not necessarily in that order.  He also drinks like a fish. Type casting or what? – because this is a murder mystery, you decide!

What’s the greatest mystery you know ?

I do often wonder why a lot of people leave doing things to the last possible minute.  I suspect that their brains are still running on an old operating system (maybe AdamNEve V1.1).   Come on people, get those updates installed!