And then there were none – Whodunnit?

Here we go – following the success of last year’s offering ‘Murder on the Nile’ here’s the first of our introductions to the shifty bunch of characters appearing in our next production at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19th – 21st March – And then There Were None by Agatha Christie

You can get tickets here

But in the meantime – meet Captain Phillip Lombard

Cluedo Lombard - Matt

Who are you?
Matthew Juggins, nice to meet you.
Who is your character?
Captain Philip Lombard. How d’you do. Have a drink?
What are they like?
He’s an adventurer, inveterate survivor, outrageous flirt, and a bit of a likeable cad, really. Not a bad person, he has principles, but he certainly operates according to the directions of his own, unique moral compass. Coolness personified in the face of danger, he’s prepared for trouble (it usually follows him around) and is never caught out without a suitably sarcastic quip. He’ll always do the right thing… eventually. Probably drives a Jaaaaag.
What’s the greatest mystery you know?
How my wife puts up with me. I guess we’ll never know the truth
Ed – Thanks Matt – incidentally did you know your name is an acronym for ‘Loads Of Money But A Right D…..’ 


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