Auditions !!!! And Then There Were None

ATTWN poster 3caAuditions for Then There Were None will take place 7.45pm Tues 19th and Thurs 21st Nov at Windhill Churches Centre, Old Monastery Gardens, Windhill, Bishop’s Stortford, and here’s a word from the man in charge – our very own Will Jamieson – 

With 1 act 1 night in full swing, planning attention turns to our next full-length show Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. One of her most famous stories, I have been thrilled by it since I first read it on holiday in Corfe. A sleepy Dorset village with a ruined castle on the hill above and steam engines traveling through the valley below, where better to read a1930s mystery.  
The play, set on an island just off the Devon coast, follows 10 strangers as they arrive for a house party whose host hasn’t arrived. Trapped by the weather they soon find out their invites are not what they seem as a guest dies suddenly. How do a poem, a gramophone and a solider figure come into the story? Come along to auditions to find out.

Ooooooh ! We cant wait !!!