He mad, he’s bad , he’s …well he’s just bad really …

Here’s the villain of the piece , that low down, dirty son of a gun – Don John

Don John

Your name, you nasty piece of work?  Paul Winspear

Your character? Don Johnson ( noooo that’s Miami Vice – you mean Don John – ed)
Best line? “If I had my mouth I would bite, if I had my liberty I would do my liking; in the meantime, let me be that I am and seek not to alter me” (ed – you really are horrible arn’t you)

Favourite Western ? Paint Your Wagon

Why’s that ?

Lee Marvin off his trolley, Clint Eastwood talks to trees, Jean Seberg is somehow confused about choosing between Clint and Lee, brilliant soundtrack by Lerner & Loewe plus Andre Previn

He really is a man of few words – come and hear him say a few more at Much Ado 18-20 th July – Monastery Gardens – tickets here

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