Evening ‘all – its the rozzers

Our resident police force is on the case at our Wild West version of Much Ado ….


Name: Juliet Richards aka mummy aka Miss Richards. Naturally the best way to regain a sense of identity is to pretend to be someone else.
Character: Sheriff Dogberry. He runs the city watch and thinks he’s the most important person in town. Dogberry means well but his contradictory orders are somewhat confusing for all concerned.
Favourite Line: It’s not mine but my favourite has to be “Kill Claudio”.
Favourite Western: It’s a tad tenuous but Joss Whedon categorised his show Firefly and it’s subsequent movie spin off Serenity as Sci-Fi Western, so I’m going with those. Interestingly (if you find these things interesting) one of it’s lead actors played Dogberry in Whedon’s film version of MAAN.
Come and see her call the crims to account at Much Ado 18-20 July here

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