Heeeeeerrrrrreee’s Benny !

It’s Benedick himself – ‘he’s not in love …so dont forget it ‘ yeah right !

The man from Much Ado speaketh


What’s your name ?

Richard Pink

Who are you playing ?

Benedick – generally he’s a bit of a prat but his heart’s in the right place ( typecasting again ! Ed .) He’s in denial about being in love with Beatrice (strangely last part I played I was literally in De Nile) he rails against love and marriage but eventually can’t resist her charms – all that via a complete set up by his so called mates !

Favourite Line ?

‘ If her breath were as bad as her terminations, there would be no living near her; she’d infect to the North Star’

Favourite Western?

Other than the mighty Blazing Saddles – it has to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – the ultimate buddy movie – so quotable and the main men are brilliant from start to bloody finish ‘who are those guys ?’

Come and see him in our Wild West Much Ado – tickets here 


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