Murder on the Nile – she is ‘alf French and she ‘as ze hot blood – but did she do it ?

Another of our characters is up for your scrutiny …….


What’s your name?

Becky Faulkner

What’s your Character and what they are like? 

Jacqueline De Severac

Jacqueline is a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She’s harmless but with one look she can make the fiercest of people quake in their boots!

Your favourite line from the play ( your own)  –

‘I’m a devil I am….a devil!’

Who you think did it and why ?

I think the Canon looks a bit shifty. He’s too busy trying to pin things on other people. Is this so people won’t look to closely at him? He needs money and how else could he get it?! Maybe him and Simon are in it together?

Is she right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here