Murder on the Nile – oooh la la – has she maid a mistake ?

Our next suspect .. sorry.. character is le sexy french maid…. deed she dooweet ?



Qui es-tu  – Corrina Graham-Hodson

Quel rôle jouez-vousPlaying the part of Louise, Kay’s flirtatious & devious French Maid.

Quelle est votre ligne préférée –  They have the hot blood! They hate, perhaps, these fair English women who are so arrogant……

Qui a fait çaI think that shifty Steward did it as he had access to the bedroom & probably got caught going through her drawers !!!

Ooh err missus – you want to watch her – oh sorry – thats Up Pompeii …

Is she right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 


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