Murder on the Nile – nice niece or nasty niece?

Next in our series of meet the cast – and the plot is thickening …..

Who are you – Lisa Turpcu
Who are you playing  – I play Christina Grant, who is travelling as her overbearing, snobbish aunt’s companion and general dog’s body. Christina has led a somewhat sheltered life and finds life on the cruise “just too thrilling for words!” Christina finds fellow traveller, Smith, just outrageous and vehemently rejects his offer of marriage. She doubts he would make a reliable husband but is he beginning to wear her down…could he provide the excitement and escape in her otherwise stifling, equable life?
What’s your favourite line – My favourite line in the play is “You ought to be ashamed of your foolishness. The trouble with you is that you’re not serious.”
Who do you think did it – I think there are a number of clever smoke-screens to deflect from the real murderer. I think the second bead seller has been rebuffed once too often, snapped, done the deed and gone out in a blaze of glory on Whoopsadaisy, his favourite donkey.


Is she right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 

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