Murder on the Nile -was it one of the locals ?

Another chance to meet one of the characters – this time we are talking to one of the strange and colourful local characters – just cos he doesn’t say much – doesn’t mean he didn’t do it !

screenshot 2019-01-27 at 13.45.22


Whats your name – Greg Hill

Who are you in the play – I’m a bead seller who is just trying to get by day by day .

Your favourite line – My donkey “whiskey and soda”-that very good donkey.

Who do you think did it  – I think that Miss FFoliot-FFoulkes did it because she felt threatened about not being the wealthiest or grandest on the boat and all rich people are very greedy selfish like her.

Wise words – but is he right?  To find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 



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