Murder on the Nile – Doctor Who ?

Here is the second in our meet the characters series – this time its Doctor Bessner !!!


What’s your name  – Andy Roberts
Who do you play – I play Dr Bessner. He is referred to in the play as “a stout middle aged man with spectacles”, so as I have just turned 50, I tick all the boxes!. I am from a  small European country, which in my mind could be a German speaking one, maybe Austria or Switzerland (you will have to let my accent decide). He is in Egypt for the history, as he travels with his trusty Baedecker (a famous travel guide book). What puzzles me is why a doctor is also on holiday with a fully stocked doctors bag and a loaded revolver?!. My character seems to be obsessed by giving out injections and taking cast members into his cabin…please draw your own conclusions…
What’s your favourite line – “Was ist das”? – how can I forget that one?!
Who did it and why – my theory is that that shifty looking steward has poisoned the gin slings and did the deed, probably to buy a bigger boat with a fully stocked bar. But who knows?

Is he right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 


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