Murder on the Nile -was it one of the locals ?

Another chance to meet one of the characters – this time we are talking to one of the strange and colourful local characters – just cos he doesn’t say much – doesn’t mean he didn’t do it !

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Whats your name – Greg Hill

Who are you in the play – I’m a bead seller who is just trying to get by day by day .

Your favourite line – My donkey “whiskey and soda”-that very good donkey.

Who do you think did it  – I think that Miss FFoliot-FFoulkes did it because she felt threatened about not being the wealthiest or grandest on the boat and all rich people are very greedy selfish like her.

Wise words – but is he right?  To find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 



Round 3 fo the Murder On The Nile Character Parade – its Smiffy !

Here’s the third of our profiles of the Murder On The Nile characters. This time is the very ordinary Mr Smith – but……is he as ordinary as he is saying ….img_2433

Depends who’s asking. I still don’t really know, but I hope to find out one day. In the meantime, I go by the given name of Paul Winspear
Smith. William Smith. Or, in the street version called Moider on da Nile, I play Will.I.Am Smith.According to Wikipedia, he’s a “wise-cracking kid”. Well, they’ve got the wise-cracking bit right – he’s got some lovely, ascerbic one-line put-downs (not like me at all).
He’s flying solo on the paddle steamer Lotus. He’s a Communist sympathiser who sides with the workers of the world rather than society’s wealthy and privileged elite – although he has something to hide on that front.
“Talking of crime, I feel something should be done about your aunt. A nice little dose of arsenic, for instance.”
I hope they all did it so that the whole goddam privileged bunch can be fed to the jackals. But if I had to name one, then I’d go for the parson, Canon Ambrose Pennyfather, Kay Mostyn’s godfather – he looks shifty, not at all avuncular and needs the money for his “new Jerusalem”. He’ll probably pin it on one of the hard-working beadsellers though. But don’t rule out a sniper on the sandy knoll.
Is he right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 

Murder on the Nile – Doctor Who ?

Here is the second in our meet the characters series – this time its Doctor Bessner !!!


What’s your name  – Andy Roberts
Who do you play – I play Dr Bessner. He is referred to in the play as “a stout middle aged man with spectacles”, so as I have just turned 50, I tick all the boxes!. I am from a  small European country, which in my mind could be a German speaking one, maybe Austria or Switzerland (you will have to let my accent decide). He is in Egypt for the history, as he travels with his trusty Baedecker (a famous travel guide book). What puzzles me is why a doctor is also on holiday with a fully stocked doctors bag and a loaded revolver?!. My character seems to be obsessed by giving out injections and taking cast members into his cabin…please draw your own conclusions…
What’s your favourite line – “Was ist das”? – how can I forget that one?!
Who did it and why – my theory is that that shifty looking steward has poisoned the gin slings and did the deed, probably to buy a bigger boat with a fully stocked bar. But who knows?

Is he right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here 

Murder on the Nile – whodunnit ?

Here we go then !

Over the next few weeks we’ll be meeting the cast, finding out about their characters, and most importantly finding out who they think did it !!! No spoilers of course …..

Who’s first ?

hannah juggins

Who are you?  

Hannah Juggins

Who’s your character?

I play Kay Mostyn, a rich heiress who is used to being admired and centre stage wherever she goes.  While Kay would never wish anyone harm she is also deeply selfish, unconcerned with the feelings of others, and believes that she is entitled to social privilege, material wealth and other people’s affection.  She does come to suspect that other people hate her, but is unable to comprehend the origin of that hatred, or that it could be in any way related to her actions.

Whats your favourite line?

 ‘I wonder what I’d look like with your great clumsy fingers in my hair’
Who do you reckon did it?
As we are not joined by a butler on this journey down the Nile, I think the person who did it was the maid, Louise.  After all, who ever notices a maid?  She really could get away with murder…
Is she right ? to find out you’ll have to come to the Rhodes Arts Complex on 28-30 March to see  – tickets here