One act one night- the big review by Lynda

We asked our very own Lynda Shelverton to give us an unbiased view of the goings on on last Friday night – this is what she said !!

lynda shelverton photo
‘On Friday I went along to Water Lane Theatre Company’s  in house event of One Act One Night. The programme started with a very funny 5 handed sketch called Nickers. The old adage of,  if you fail to plan then you will plan to fail, proved to be very true when one hapless burglar finds that she is not the only one to have the idea of targeting this particular  household to rob. The sketch was very funny and very imaginatively directed with action tacking place  from the start set amongst the audience. 
The next act was  a short piece from the stage play of Dangerous Liaisons. The actors had learnt their lines independently and were only going to be performing together for the first time that evening. The characters of the sketch the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Vamont who are two rivals (and ex lovers) are meeting  up to vie with each other in their plans to exploit others with each trying get the upper hand with each other, was very expertly performed by the two actors. They really brought across the story of the use of seduction as a weapon to socially control others , would ultimately bring them to a state of war with each other.
The evening continued  with a musical interlude, a  couple of  Shakespeare’s sonnets were beautifully sung by Sean Burke accompanying himself on the Guitar.
Then came the final offering of the evening. The  greatly missed Victoria Wood’s wonderful set of sketches that she wrote for her show “As seen on TV   (1985) . Acorn Antiques, the well known story set in a shop in the made up town of Manchesterford. The cast brilliantly brought to the stage these wonderful sketches both in characterisation , bad acting , set malfunctions, poor entrance timings  and all the other wonderfully devised mistakes that Ms Wood had brilliantly written.
Well done to all. At the evenings end I went away feeling very happy and very thankful that as a member of this wonderful company I was able to, for one night only, be thoroughly entertained.’