There is a new shop opening this Friday in the heart of Bishops Stortford and its called ……. Acorn Antiques!


Still glowing from the success of their original antiques shop, on the outskirts of Manchesterford, the owners of Acorn Antiques are excited to announce that they, along with their trusty staff and customers will be opening a very special new ‘pop up shop’ in Bishops Stortford, ’if you please’ this Friday evening – to a glittering fanfare for local residents!

Miss Babs, Miss Berta, their loyal daily Mrs Overall, Derek the handyman, Trixie from packing, and not forgetting the debonair Clifford and smooth talking cousin Jerez, will be there to meet and greet you, along with a lovely presenter, covering the nights events for the regional BBC news desk, a couple of their most loyal customers and……. well a rather harassed stage manager too?!

So settle in with a mug of their finest homemade sherry and a couple of Mrs O’s ginger bourbons and enjoy hearing all of their exciting news and views, not to mention what’s in the latest deliverers and who’s finally made it to the ‘ends of line’ display!

Searching out that ‘must have’ treasure will never be the same again once you have popped in to Acorn Antiques.

In case you hadn’t guessed  – Acorn Antiques is going to be perform as part of our Our One Act One Night evening on this Friday 28th September at St Michael’s Primary School Apton Road – you can come along and pay £5 on the door – curtain up 7.30 – bring your own refreshments.



Dangerous Liaisons – more dangerous than normal

Our One Act One Night evening is coming on the Friday 28th September at St Michael’s Primary School – you can come along and pay on the door.

Our second offering of the night is going to be two scenes from Dangerous Liaisons written by Christopher Hampton.

The reason for the added danger is that, unusually, Richard Pink and Rebecca Faulkner (who normally perform as singing duo ‘Cider At Yours’) have elected to perform the piece without rehearsing it at all!2FF1E819-E48C-4B9A-8DF0-F3FF873AC97D

Sounds like madness, so we asked Richard why …

‘Its a really edgy piece about a power struggle between two very Machiavellian and ruthless people – former lovers – who use every means necessary prove their authority – it’s intense and we thought it would add another layer of intensity if we didn’t know what each other were going to do on the night. We’ve met once to run the lines to get used to hearing each other speak the cues but none of the moves are planned and anything could happen’

Rebecca added ‘ I’ve got one or two interesting moved up my sleeve that Richard will have to contend with – it’s going to be really interesting and if it goes wrong we’ll just have dig ourselves out of it’

Well, its different thats for sure – we can’t wait to see what they do !!!



Nickers !

Our One Act One Night evening is coming on the Friday 28th September at St Michael’s Primary Schools – you can come along and pay on the door.  We like people to try out new things and so Sally Fenton has decide to try her hand directing for the first time in a while – good for her we say – here are her thoughts on getting back in the Director’s chair!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 14.22.28

Here’s our Sally in full flow in our production of Love’s Labours Lost last year – lets hope she looks less worried for this one !

When I agreed (i.e. had my arm twisted 😉) to direct something for One Act One Night, I did so with some trepidation because I didn’t have a play in mind and I haven’t directed anything since 1999!

Fortunately, the experienced directors at Water Lane pointed me to the Lazy Bee website which has hundreds of play scripts available for use by amateur groups. For my new foray into directing, I was keen to do a comedy and to have a relatively small cast and so, after reading through more than 20 scripts, I picked Nickers.

Nickers is about four, rather incompetent burglars (the eponymous ‘nickers’). It’s not Ayckbourn but the script is witty, with well written dialogue and the four main cast members can be male or female – useful when casting.

So, my first hurdle is solved – I have a play; now to direct it successfully! You’ll have to ask me in a few weeks about my directing style! But I know I’ll be helped in this new adventure by my excellent & supportive cast (Nicki, Rachel, Penny, Amanda & John). I hope we all enjoy the journey – and I hope our audience enjoys the outcome!