The thoughts of our new Chairman – Mr Granville Rush

The thoughts of Chairman Moi

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I always thought of myself as someone who quietly gets things done in the background, which I started doing with Water Lane Theatre Company thirty-something years ago when a certain dental practitioner roped me in to helping out backstage with the set and promotional artwork. All of a sudden, I found myself centre stage under the spotlight as the Wizard of Oz. I’m still not quite sure how that happened, and I haven’t been able to get off the stage since! I find myself in a similar situation now. There I was, minding my own business, when the “un-namely” nominated me to become Chairman at the AGM. So here I am again, centre stage, and a bit bemused as to how it happened.

All joking aside, I’m honoured to be fulfilling this post, and to have been asked. Water Lane is so much more than a local am-dram group. Fast  approaching 70 years since the group was founded, Water Lane is a staple in the community. Third generation members are on the scene, and lifelong friendships have been made. There are no prima donnas here. Members get the opportunity to challenge and express themselves, try something new and have a lot of laughs along the way. We aren’t one trick ponies either; from punk Shakespeare and period dramas, to comedy nights, 70’s nostalgia and murder mysteries. There really is something for everyone.

The outgoing Chairman (the previously mentioned dentist, now x) achieved great things in the last three years, so I’ve got a big cavity to fill. However, In the same way when directing, the secret of a successful show is to have a strong cast. Where the chair is concerned it is a strong committee. Fortunately for “Moi” there could not be a better dedicated committee in place to help with an exciting line up of productions in the coming months. That’s what I’m looking forward to most, heading up the team and putting on high-quality, diverse productions. Summer picnic plays, studio productions and big show stoppers, not to mention street theatre, drama festivals and our regular ‘One Act, One Night’ performances. As always, we will have plenty of socials, playreadings and quizzes, and everyone will have a chance to muck in.

Of all the roles I’ve been roped into over the years, I’m really proud to be cast as the latest in a long line of distinguished Water Lane Chairmen, and I hope that I am worthy of the job. A daunting one, but as Dorothy said “All you have to do, Toto, is click your heels together and you are on your way.”

Granville Rush – Chairman – Water Lane Theatre Company



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