John Wetherall

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It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that John Wetherall passed away last week.
He had been seriously ill for quite some time, and for him a release, but doesn’t make the loss any easier

John was a founder member of Water Lane and played the lead in many of the early productions

His stage presence was second to none, and he was equally happy in roles involving many different moods and characterisations
He moved to The Hadham Players but we still kept in close contact, and John was guest speaker at out 60th Anniversary Dinner at Great Hadham Golf Club
His last role was the photographer in When We Are Married for The Hertford Players, to which he brought comedy and pathos. Also in the cast was Andy Roberts as one of the hapless husbands and whom we welcomed for his enthusiasm and commitment.
John will long be remembered for his Dames. The Little Hadham Pantomimes were brought alive by his characterisation, timing and wit.
John also had a series of monologue cameos, the most famous one being his Uncle Charlie with a string of hilarious one liners and jokey tales. Forever in memory the picture of Uncle Charlie riding on his bicycle, down hill, with a grandfather clock strapped to his back taking it to be repaired. He fell off and a bystander was heard to remark (in Johns lovely “farmer Giles” accent) “why don’t ‘e wear a wrist watch like any other sensible bloke?” There is another one about a squirrel but maybe not for now!!

There is so much more to John’s life, but as Water Lane, we wanted to pay tribute to our common love, the theatre, the “smell of the grease paint, the roar of the crowd!!!
God bless John. Sock it to them on the great big stage in the sky

Funeral arrangements: Tuesday August 28th at 12 noon,
Haileybury College Chapel, Hertford Heath.
No black by request
No flowers but donations to Action For Pulmonary Fibrosis
Or Heart Foundation if you so wish.

Blog by Water Lane Theatre Company President  – Pat Bastin


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