Yvonne’s as snooty as ever !!

We caught up with the lovely Lynda Shelverton on her first outing with our group and her thoughts at playing the snooty Yvonne Stuart- Hargreaves in our production of Hi De Hi ( played by Diane Holland in the original series) – luckily she’s not as snooty as Yvonne

I have only recently becoming a member of Water Lane Theatre Group, so am thrilled and excited to have been cast to play the wonderful snooty character of Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves in the classic play Hi-De-Hi. What fun we shall have in bringing this light hearted and popular production to the audiences at the Rhodes Theatre Bishops Stortford.

Tickets here  https://rhodesartscomplex.ticketsolve.com/shows/873584028


Hi-de-Hi on TV

Our Jeffrey (Kevin) has just pointed out to the cast that starting today (Tuesday) on the Drama channel they will be showing the very first Pilot episode of Hi-de-Hi!

Also available on Freeview they will be showing one episode each day at 1:40 pm and check as it may be repeated at 6 pm.