Ted Talk

No – not one of those – but some words of wisdom from our very own Andy Roberts and his thoughts at taking on the larger than life Ted Bovis in our production of Hi-De-Hi which is at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19-21 April – Tickets here https://rhodesartscomplex.ticketsolve.com/shows/87358402

“Andy is “reit chuffed” to have been chosen to play Ted in Hi De Hi. Having practised his Yorkshire accent last year in Love Labour’s Lost, he is looking forward to portray the larger than life, cheeky entertainer from Rotherham. Andy has been working on the perfect Ted body for years now and just needs to grow a moustache (much to other half’s delight..not!) and don a yellow checked suit complete with blue suede shoes. He expects a few groans from the audience to his awful jokes, but at least he can sing in tune!”

Andy is the one at the top of this photo if you were wondering !35DF0B2C-183B-41B9-BA0A-8E057A7E383B


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