What a week

Well what a week it has been. Interesting, sad and funny.

Sunday we had a talk and demonstration of lighting and sound by Will Jamieson. He really knows his subject. After describing how it all works and how it goes together we were allowed to set up the equipment ourselves. It really was very interesting.

Monday we attended a Service of Thanksgiving for Meriel Price, a long standing member of Water Lane. There were a lot of knowing smiles and nods as memories of happier times were recalled by family and friends.

Tuesday evening was the first read through of Hi de Hi with the cast. Our next production will be side-splittingly funny if that was anything to go by. Mr Partridge got the giggles and nearly fell off his chair laughing at one point.

Onward and upward. Now where did I put that list of costumes?

Production Manager, Hi de Hi