Hi de hi – it’s the Yellow coats !

F08BB030-8FC7-44F4-98AF-C44EC79E6276We caught up with the lovely ladies who will be donning the distinctive Maplin’s Yellow Coats for our production on 19-21 April at The Rhodes Arts complex.

We knew they all had been harbouring the ambition to get into the jacket – so we asked them and here’s what they had to say –

Left to Right on our photo and starting with the delightful Corrina Graham- Hodson who is playing Sylvia –

‘I always wanted to be a Yellowcoat because it is far more glamorous than being a Swimming Instructor. It also gives me a good excuse to flirt with any gorgeous man I choose, much to Gladys’s disgust. Talking of Gladys, Im hoping to steal her crown as “Miss Yellowcoat” this year & win a job in the Bahamas. Plenty of Sun, Sea and…..! Well, wish me luck & don’t forget to vote.
Sylvia x’

Ooooh ain’t she naughty ! Next up its our newbie Fleur Louise Oliver –

‘I have only recently joined the water lane theatre company and so grateful to get the opportunity to work with such an amazing bunch of talented actors who have all welcomed me with open arms. I remember watching hi de hi as a child and loved the show and so excited to be playing the role of Dawn a yellow coat!’

That’s nice ! The lovely Rachel Jackson is next – fresh from being a witch in our last production – but a bit more glam this time –

“Its a bit of a change from Shakespeare, but having never been a real Red Coat, I’m especially delighted to get the chance to be a Betty Whistler the reknowned Yellow Coat for a 3 night season- her hobbies are reading Charles Dickens and Jujitsu – just like me !”

And last but not least is Sally Fenton – delighted not to be playing a bloke in this production –

“I’ve always wanted to be a yellow coat to channel my inner glamour model! (…. which is usually very well hidden under work suits and sensible shoes for the school run!) I’m really looking forward to performing with Water Lane friends at the Rhodes Centre – and pretending to be 24 as Yellow Coat, Tracy Bentwood!”

Come and see them strut their stuff!

Tickets available here!


Hi de Hi everyone

We are pleased to announce that all proceeds of the raffle to be run during our production of Hi-de-Hi will be going to The Heart Foundation. Their helpers will be there, front of house, to sell raffle tickets and we are hoping for some amazing prizes.

If you would like to donate any prizes please contact waterlanetc@gmail.com and we will forward it on to the organiser.

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Spikey comments from Adam

Here a few words from our very own Adam Andrews on why he’s relishing the role of Spike in our upcoming production of Hi-De- Hi which is on at the Rhodes arts complex 19-21 April – click here for tickets 

Looks a bit like him too – doesn’t he !

‘When I auditioned for Hi de hi. I think everyone knew I would be cast as Spike before me. As maybe we are both a bit wet behind the ears. But I’m very pleased with the opportunity to play Spike and get back to Rhodes Theatre with my water lane family.’


Auditions tonight

Auditions are being held tonight for Much Ado About Nothing.

Meeting at the Windhill Churches Centre situated in the Monastery Gardens (next to St Michael’s Church, Windhill, Bishops Stortford).

The auditions will take place on tonight, the14th February and same time next week Wednesday 21st February at 8.00pm.

All are Welcome!

Ted Talk

No – not one of those – but some words of wisdom from our very own Andy Roberts and his thoughts at taking on the larger than life Ted Bovis in our production of Hi-De-Hi which is at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19-21 April – Tickets here https://rhodesartscomplex.ticketsolve.com/shows/87358402

“Andy is “reit chuffed” to have been chosen to play Ted in Hi De Hi. Having practised his Yorkshire accent last year in Love Labour’s Lost, he is looking forward to portray the larger than life, cheeky entertainer from Rotherham. Andy has been working on the perfect Ted body for years now and just needs to grow a moustache (much to other half’s delight..not!) and don a yellow checked suit complete with blue suede shoes. He expects a few groans from the audience to his awful jokes, but at least he can sing in tune!”

Andy is the one at the top of this photo if you were wondering !35DF0B2C-183B-41B9-BA0A-8E057A7E383B

Kev & Jeff & Hi-De-Hi

It’s Kevin Stemp- he’s a brand new member and looky here – he’s only gone and landed the big one – Jeffery Fairbrother in our upcoming production of Hi-De-Hi at the Rhodes Arts Complex 19-21 April – click here for tickets

I watched Water Lane performing Shakespeare at the Monastery Gardens last summer and you all seemed to have had such tremendous fun. I’d enjoyed my times with the previous troupes I’ve been connected to but I want new challenges that take me out of my comfort zone…for an actor, getting stale is the cardinal sin.

‘Playing the part of Jeffrey Fairbrother, I’ll be a posh-boy misfit who places himself all at sea and into a world of which he knows so little, by choosing to live and work with the lower classes. I want to immerse myself in “Hi-de-Hi!” in the challenge of firstly being believed to look every inch the innocent abroad and constantly at odds with my surroundings: modest hair brushed back and parted on the side, dressing conservatively in tweed jackets and blue blazers, checked shirts and ties, always managing to look awkward among my team of self-confident “yellow-coats”. I hope we have the costume to help portray the character. I like the challenge also of almost always wearing an expression of consternation and embarrassment. I’m used to scoring laughs directly but now actually I’ll be consistently the anti-hero. This is very important and key to me. In fact I think Simon Cadell as Fairbrother was the only member of the Hi-de-Hi! cast not to have any jokes written into his script. That in itself will be a challenge to deliver as it is the most difficult way to be funny. Simply put, that’s why I think I’m going to get a real kick out of doing it. I like to do difficult things and to learn from them. Most of all I want to enjoy this exerience and the gang in this troupe look well-equipped to deliver! ‘

Kevin is the one on the left looking damn handsome !