Hi De Hi Campers !!

Words of wisdom from our  brand new Director Doug Sheppard on our next production of Hi De Hi IMG_0025‘Hi de Hi!!’

Doug can’t hear you ….

‘Hi de Hi !!!’

Just some words regarding the up and coming production of Hi De Hi in April. It was originally a bit of a battle to decide between four plays, Noises Off, The Vicar of Dibley, Confusions and Hi De Hi. I was originally drawn towards Noises Off  but the complexity of the set made it both technically difficult and potentially very expensive to produce the set.  The Vicar of Dibley although in the mix was not a favourite of mine. I never really liked the television series and in fact rarely watched it. In addition I was aware that it was being played fairly regularly by other companies and I didn’t want to add to that tally. Alan Ayckbourn is a favourite of mine and having played in the Confusions play lets it was of interest, however, it was not necessarily as potentially commercially attractive as much as Hi De Hi.

Two factors finally steered me towards Hi De Hi. The first was my daughter who had been a part of the production of the play in her theatre in Chester and secondly when we had our reading of the play. It came off of the page you might say.

I am now really happy as I now have a wonderful cast who I know will make the play come alive and also a fantastic team around me in John, Carys, Granville, Will  and Richard who always do wonders with the unseen preparation for a play and the behind the scenes work needed to make the acting space a home for the actors to express themselves.

Come and see it everyone. 19th to 21st April 2018.

Hi De Hi and Ho De Ho.

Doug Sheppard




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