Auditions for Wyrd Sisters are this week!

Auditions for WYRD SISTERS will take place on TUESDAY 25th and THURSDAY 27th JULY

8.00 pm in the top room at URC Church Hall, Water Lane

This play has some amazing characters which will be great fun to play. The list below will give you a guide. Please come along and discover Terry Pratchett’s strange and wonderful world .

The Characters

Granny Weatherwax  ~ Oldest and wisest witch. Well respected.

Nanny Ogg ~ Mother and grandmother to a large family. Likes a good knees up.

Magrat Garlick ~ Youngest witch. Thinks ritual is very important.

Fool ~ Doesn’t like being a fool. Very smart.

Duke Felmet ~ The Macbeth of the play. Goes increasingly mad.

Lady Felmet ~ ‘Lady Macbeth’. Power hungry and pure evil.

King Verance ~ Late King of Lancre. Stuck haunting the castle.

Tomjon ~ Long lost prince of Lancre but doesn’t know it. Just wants to be an actor.

Vitoller ~ Theatrical impresario. Tomjon’s adopted father.

Mrs Vitoller ~ Married to Vitoller. Keen to adopt Tomjon as has lost a child.

Hwel ~ Playwright for Vitoller’s players.

Demon ~ Omniscient being from the demon dimensions. (Probably going to be a puppet.)

Sergeant ~ Head of the palace guards.

Robbers ~ Members of the Thieves Guild of Ankh Morpork.

Players, Guards, Soldiers, Bowmen ~ Various


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