One Act One Night – 26th June

One Act One night

With our mini festival of one act plays fast approaching on the 26th June we’ve asked our three new directors on why they wanted to take part

Heres what they said ….

Nancy Jones – Directing ‘Erica and Me’

‘Since joining the group eight years ago I have mainly only acted and watched in awe as the directors and the very talented back stage people put together productions.   Then last year Granville asked me to be his Production Manager for ‘Allo Allo’ and I got to see a different side to Amateur Theatre. It’s not all about being in the spotlight!   Directing a play for 1A1N feels like the next step in becoming a fully rounded member of the Group and who knows it may lead to me directing a full production one day!

I am really looking forward to working with my extremely talented cast and alongside Lisa and Ellie my fellow 1A1N directors to put on, what I hope, is a really entertaining night!

Fingers crossed that I don’t cock it up!   It will be alright on the night won’t it!?’

Lisa Turpcu – Directing ‘A cut above the rest’

Granville first suggested I consider having a go at directing shortly after our Water Lane production of “Calendar Girls”. Deborah Cain (director of CG) would always be a very tough act to follow! So I laughed and said I didn’t know the first thing about directing. (Nancy can confirm she still has to remind me what the term “blocking” means.) Hope this revelation isn’t too concerning for the cast of my upcoming OAON play! I’ve successfully dodged this role for three years. Granville’s not an easy man to say no to, so when he mentioned it again, I somewhat apprehensively agreed to give it a go. I chose a comedy, “A Cut Above The Rest”, which compliments the two other really funny plays to be directed by Nancy and Ellie. My great 10-strong cast and I start rehearsals tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. So here’s to a great night out on the 26th of June!

Elle Sims – Directing ‘Two Peas in a Pod’

Why am I doing OAON? Well firstly Granville has been saying I should direct and I was dubious at first. Then he mentioned Liam’s 10minute play which I thought would be a perfect foray into directing. OAON is a really good way to get lots of members involved and a nice starting place for new members to get themselves known. Plus being a member of the committee discussing different plays for the whole cast I’m finding myself more drawn towards directing in a bigger way.